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The Dodge Challenger drifting...

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The Nissan Skyline can drift

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A drifting Tesla Roadster

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The Silverstone Circuit, UK

The European Drift Championship

Welcome to driftvideo.com, the best place to see cool video clips of drifting cars on the internet! While drifting motorsports can be an exhilirating experience, watching drift video clips can also be extremely entertaining... for this purpose here is my site! There are many aspects to drifting: there are even drifting motorsport competitions... Cars can also be customized for enhancing how they behave while their drift; then of course there are the traditional favorite cars for this, as well as new ones. You will see video clips of all these aspects on this site...

Have fun browsing through this website and do not forget to send us pictures of your cool ride, along with a short story and its specs in the Cool car pictures section...

Here is a very impressive video of car drift god Ken Block showing us some impressive moves in this highly modified 2006 Subaru Impreza WRX STI, sponsored by Monster Energy Drinks, Subaru and DC shoes (all registered trademarks). Ken Block is an amazing motorsports driver, as you are about to see in the upcoming video coming here soon!

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